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What is the Smallest Home Lift?

What is the Smallest Home Lift?

The smallest home lift that we supply is the Aritco 4000 lift, which we call the Aritco Access Mini.
This lift is compliant to Australian Standard AS1735 as a residential passenger lift and takes up a very small amount of space.

We can fit an Aritco 4000 lift into a footprint as small as 910mm x870mm
This allows for the smallest lift platform size of 805 x 580mm, plus the required installation tolerances, machinery and shaft finishing.
There’s no need to find additional space for a machine room or pit, we can install this lift with a setdown of only 50mm or directly onto the floor with the inclusion of a ramp.

When space is tight, the Aritco 4000 lift is your best option for a small home lift.

For more information about the smallest home lifts, or to see if this lift is suitable for your property, contact us today.