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About Us

Easy does it

You know you need a lift…  But now what?
Our approachable team will help make purchasing a residential lift easy. We know lifts, of course, it’s what we do. But we also know how to listen. We will help you navigate the process of specifying, selecting and ordering your lift.
We start every project by having a conversation with you to find out what’s important. Then we use our extensive experience to recommend the best lift for your unique circumstances.
We understand that choosing a residential lift is not an ‘everyday’ kind of decision for most people. It’s an investment in your future, and there are lots of things to consider to make sure that your chosen lift meets your needs both immediately and for many years to come.

Access the best of the best

We’re very picky about quality, so we only work with leading lift manufacturers from around the world. Like Aritco; whose lifts combine the best elements of Swedish design and innovation. And GLE; who offer environmentally conscious, technologically advanced lifts and dumbwaiters.
Form and function are both important when it comes to deciding on home fixtures – whether you are designing the new home of your dreams, or retrofitting a lift to the home that your children grew up in. That’s why each and every one of our lifts is custom made to your specifications. Choose colours, flooring, lighting and finishes, glass panels, designer back-walls or mirrors.
The possibilities for your one-of-a-kind lift are endless.
All of our lifts are available in standard configurations and finishes – so don’t fret if you’re not a bells-and-whistles kind of person.
Even if you are building a lift on a budget, don’t be shy to let us know your preferences – our lift prices might surprise you.

Lifts made just for you

Bespoke, superior quality European lifts at reasonable prices from an Australian-owned family business. There’s got to be a catch right?
We’ll be honest with you. Good things take time. Our lead times are a bit longer than those of companies that manufacture lifts closer to home – but we believe that the wait is worth it, and that quality wins over speed every time.

Call us for an obligation-free chat and we can help you get clear about what lift is right for you.

If you already have a bit of an idea what you’re looking for, or have already received quotes from another company, please feel free to shoot us off some details using our contact form and we can offer you a like for like comparison.

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