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access for
wheelchair users

Affordable accessibility solutions

Easy Access Lifts offer a range of limited mobility and wheelchair access lifts, with lift models to suit every project. Speak to our team about the unique requirements of your site, and we’ll recommend the best wheelchair lift for your needs, style and budget.

Compliant Access to Premises

We believe that accessibility should be built into every space and that choosing the right lift type helps visitors to your space feel included and welcomed. Compliance with building codes and Australian Standards is just the beginning – why stop with ‘sufficient’ when you can offer a user experience that goes above and beyond?

We make your job easy

If you’ve been tasked with finding the right lift for your build or retrofit, let us make your job easier. Starting with just a few questions and measurements (which we can take from your existing plans or an obligation-free site-visit) – our experienced team will recommend the perfect lift to meet your needs and budget.

outdoor wheelchair lift with centre opening doors

Key Features

BCA Compliant (NCC - Building Code of Australia) options

Space efficient

Various travel distances - overcome obstacles as low as a single step or as high as a balcony

Straight through or right-angle configurations

Customised colour options

How much does a wheelchair lift cost?

We get it, price is important. Sure, we can give you an estimate or a ballpark lift price, but until we know all of the details of the job you won’t be sure whether you’re comparing apples-to-apples, or apples-to-lemons. (We don’t do lemons!)


All of our lifts are custom-made to order and we work with reputable lift manufacturers that are well-established, reliable and quality driven. This means that we can guarantee the quality of every lift that we sell, provide after-sale care and service, and work with OEM parts for maintenance and repairs down the track.


There are lots of options to choose from, and the final price of your lift will vary depending on a number of factors including the specifications of the lift itself, exchange rates, freight costs, site requirements, and any maintenance inclusions. When we provide you with a written quotation, you can be assured that this is the price for the lift as specified, and installed in your location. While variations do happen from time to time, we think it’s gross when companies bury unavoidable costs in the fine print just to get the deal.


And, since you asked, –  we have wheelchair lift options from less than $30k installed.