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Aritco Access Mini

Our smallest residential lift

This compact lift has been designed to meet all requirements for comfort, space and design.
The Aritco 4000 lift is available in a variety of sizes, with an option to personalise it with details such as glass walls or a range of RAL colours.

Advantages / Summary

  • Smallest lift on the market
  • Minimum builders work
  • Perfect for retrofitting
  • 95% recyclable materials
  • Low energy consumption
  • No fluids/leaks


Aritco 4000 Lift

Aritco Access Mini (4000)


Technicals / Drawings

Data Sheet

Technical Specification

country of manufacture Sweden
passengers 2
stops <6
max capacity 250 kg
drive type Patented screw/nut
speed 0.15 m/s
doors swing, batwing
glass options available
pit 50 mm/ none with ramp
headroom 2300 mm
platform /car sizes standard (see drawings)
compliance AS1735
safety emergency lowering (battery)
shaft /structure included
wheelchair accessible no