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for your home

Our best-selling residential lift.

Our best-selling lift, the Aritco Homelift Access, proves again and again why it is a customer favourite. With its modern design, customizable features and new smart connectivity, the Aritco Homelift Access takes accessibility in the home to a whole new level.


Aritco HomeLift Access offers timelessly modern Scandinavian design that is uniquely yours. The standard configuration includes a sleek platform design with personalised control panel and handrail with integrated LED lighting. Options include a full height platform wall with mirror or DesignWall, flexible options for solid, glass or combination shafts, and a choice of door options. The options don’t end there either: there’s a half-height top-door option for open-plan mezzanine or low-ceiling installations, and even an outdoor version for travel to balconies and roof spaces.

Key Features

Minimum builders work required. No pit or headroom needed. Making it possible to install the elevator in almost any house, even when space is limited.

You can choose from more than 200 different colors, 2 different glass types, 8 different floors and a DesignWall with 8 different patterns.

Equipped with our SmartSafety system, with safety features, to meet all situations that can occur in a home, as well as to prevent accidents.

SmartLift App features - monitor and configure your lift from your mobile phone

5-year product warranty. 10-year warranty on drive technology.

95% of all the components in the lift are recyclable.

What size lift will fit in your home?

There’s a suitable size Aritco HomeLift Access for almost every home.

Aritco HomeLift Access is available in 8 different platform sizes.

The rated load is 250/410/500 kg depending on the size of the lift and it runs on either single-phase or three-phase power.

The Aritco Homelift Access makes the most of the available space in your home with the machinery integrated into the shaft of the lift – no, you don’t need to find extra space for a machine or pump room.

Use the LiftGuide tool to design your own
Aritco Homelift Access and see it in 3D.

Aritco HomeLift Illustration

Designed for
your home

Whether you want your lift to blend in, or stand out – we’ll help you to design the perfect lift for your home. Aritco Homelift Access offers you several customization possibilities.

Colour options

Aritco HomeLift Access is painted in Traffic White, RAL 9016, as standard.
The paint is a soft-textured powder coat with a matt surface (gloss level 12).
Door handles and handrail are painted in colors that shall protect them from wear and tear.

Aritco HomeLift Access can be painted in any RAL color from the Chart K7 classic chart (except for pearl and fluoridating colors*). The entire lift can be ordered in another color as an option. It is also possible to order only the doors or walls in a different color. Aritco ‘Common colors’, (see page 11 of the product catalogue) have a shorter lead time and lower price.

8 Flooring options

8 DesignWall options

It’s the Smart choice

Peace of mind – in your pocket

With the Aritco SmartLift App we offer a great experience for you as an Aritco home lift owner to feel safe and fully updated about your lift’s status.

All Aritco home lifts can be SmartLift enabled, which means you get live status information about the lift in the smartphone app. You will always have access to information and status of your lift, and it also indicates when it is time for the next service. *Coming soon for Aritco Homelift Access*

Lift Status: Check lift status, get safety checks and see if any maintenance is needed.

Child Lock: Set a child lock on the lift so it cannot be operated from the platform.

Floor Lock: Set a floor lock so you cannot travel to a certain floor.

5 year

Aritco sets a new industry standard by including five years of warranty on all of their home elevators, including the Aritco Homelift Access.


Aritco warrants its new home lifts and commercial lifts to be free from defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period, on the conditions that the prerequisites for the Lift Warranty stated in the Terms and Conditions are fulfilled. Aritco will repair a defective part or replace a defective part with a new part.



The five-year warranty is valid for the owner of the lift under the following conditions: Installation and service need to be carried out by an Aritco partner and any replaced parts or consumables must be original Aritco spare parts. For total peace of mind, Easy Access Lifts offer comprehensive maintenance plans that ensure the lift is properly maintained throughout the warranty period.