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How a residential lift can add value to your property

Are you looking to add value to your multi level property before putting it on the market?

You would be wise to install a residential lift.


Installing a residential lift increases the value of your home by adding a unique selling point. While it is increasingly common for homeowners to choose to install lifts, it is much less common for these homes to appear on the market.
We find that most property owners choose to install residential lifts so that they can stay in their home for longer, so they’re not looking to sell anytime soon.

While serving an important function for easy access to upper or lower floors, residential lifts can also add WOW factor to a home.
With so many options for customisation, there’s a lift to blend in with any decor, from the timelessly classic through to the ultra sleek modern. Whether you want your lift to seamlessly integrate with your existing decor, or stand out as a showpiece, a customised residential lift adds prestige and a designer touch to the home.

A residential lift is an attractive feature to prospective buyers of your home who may:

  • Have difficulty navigating stairs
  • Have mobility issues
  • Be planning for the future
  • Be looking for a house they can retire in
  • Be interested in making their daily lives easier
  • Want to make the most of garage or attic space


A word of warning – Once you’ve experienced life with an Easy Access Lifts home lift, you may decide to stay in your home instead of putting it on the market!