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What is the Smallest Home Lift?

The smallest home lift that we supply is the Aritco 4000 lift, which we call the Aritco Access Mini.
This lift is compliant to Australian Standard AS1735 as a residential passenger lift and takes up a very small amount of space.

We can fit an Aritco 4000 lift into a footprint as small as 910mm x870mm
This allows for the smallest lift platform size of 805 x 580mm, plus the required installation tolerances, machinery and shaft finishing.
There’s no need to find additional space for a machine room or pit, we can install this lift with a setdown of only 50mm or directly onto the floor with the inclusion of a ramp.

When space is tight, the Aritco 4000 lift is your best option for a small home lift.

For more information about the smallest home lifts, or to see if this lift is suitable for your property, contact us today.

Impact of COVID-19 on Easy Access Lifts

Updated: 12/5/2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of uncertainty – currently, it’s business as usual for us here at Easy Access Lifts.

  • We’re still installing lifts, attending to lift breakdowns and doing preventative maintenance services on lifts.
  • We have our full complement of installers and service technicians out on site.
  • Our administrative and sales team are working remotely, so our office is temporarily closed to visitors.
  • Our supply chain has not been impacted by any closures, and our manufacturing partners advise that their operations are running smoothly.
  • Currently, our lead times are remaining the same, with the exception of some smaller parts deliveries that come by air experiencing slight delays. Large freight (new lifts) is following normal delivery schedules.
  • If the timeline of your build/project has been affected, and we cannot commence install immediately upon arrival of your lift, we can arrange to securely store your lift prior to installation at no charge.

If you have been considering a lift for your home or for an upcoming build, we recommend (as we always have) ordering your lift as early as possible to ensure it arrives with time-to-spare for an easy and seamless installation process.

These are unprecedented times. As the COVID19 situation changes, our approach may need to change too.
As a family-operated business, we have the agility to make changes as necessary. Please follow us on Facebook to keep up to date.

We hope you and your families stay safe, and that you are taking care of both your physical and mental health as we all find our way through this situation together.

How a residential lift can add value to your property

Are you looking to add value to your multi level property before putting it on the market?

You would be wise to install a residential lift.


Installing a residential lift increases the value of your home by adding a unique selling point. While it is increasingly common for homeowners to choose to install lifts, it is much less common for these homes to appear on the market.
We find that most property owners choose to install residential lifts so that they can stay in their home for longer, so they’re not looking to sell anytime soon.

While serving an important function for easy access to upper or lower floors, residential lifts can also add WOW factor to a home.
With so many options for customisation, there’s a lift to blend in with any decor, from the timelessly classic through to the ultra sleek modern. Whether you want your lift to seamlessly integrate with your existing decor, or stand out as a showpiece, a customised residential lift adds prestige and a designer touch to the home.

A residential lift is an attractive feature to prospective buyers of your home who may:

  • Have difficulty navigating stairs
  • Have mobility issues
  • Be planning for the future
  • Be looking for a house they can retire in
  • Be interested in making their daily lives easier
  • Want to make the most of garage or attic space


A word of warning – Once you’ve experienced life with an Easy Access Lifts home lift, you may decide to stay in your home instead of putting it on the market!